5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Agent In 2020 & Beyond

By Jenner Paulino
If there is one thing we have learned during these unprecedented times, it's that the value of a travel agent is undeniable. We've heard the horror stories on the news and social media: customers having to cancel their flights for a full refund or travel vouchers. The countless hours spent on a customer support line when calling directly to the airlines, cruises, or online travel agencies only to be disconnected.
We get it and we hear you. 
While the concept of using a travel agent seems outdated, utilizing these people when traveling can prove to be more valuable than any convenient technology available. Shocking, I know, but here are the 5 reasons why you need a travel agent in 2020 and beyond!



1. They’re the experts.

No matter your travel experience, knowing where to start in actually planning your trip can be the hardest part. However, for travel agents, this is their game! They know the ins and outs of the industry, and want to put together the best possible experience for you. From exclusive deals to extensive knowledge, a travel agent beats a Google search any day. 


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2. Avoid the headaches and stress!

Planning a vacation can be very time consuming. We know you all have busy lives from work to home, and that’s why a travel agent is the perfect tool for you. Vacations should be a time to relax and rejuvenate, and a travel agent will give that to you and your traveling crew from start to finish.

With the case of the coronavirus, a travel agent is here to save you countless hours working and  to make sure that you are taken care of.

Add a human touch

3. Add a human touch.

Technology is not always the be-all end-all. From connectivity issues to just simply trusting the site you're pouring all of your information onto, technology does have its mishaps from time to time. A travel agent will give you that human touch that you can trust, and also someone to hold accountable if questions or problems arise.



4. Save money!

Who doesn't like to save money? We know you’ve worked hard to take a vacation in the first place, and a travel agent is going to work just as hard to get you the best deal. In opting to plan a trip on your own, you may overspend or miss deals you may not have even known about or had access to. Thus, in many cases utilizing a travel agent may be the most cost effective route.



5. Get the most out of your trip.

Again, travel agents are the experts. In most instances, they’ve planned a countless number of all-inclusive vacations, trips or cruises to the exact destinations in which you are seeking to travel to. From food and shopping to site seeing and must-try activities, your travel agent will make sure you see and do it all.

While we may not have all the answers during covid-19,  the team at Run Away Travel is here to offer assistance anyway we can.

Now that you know just how beneficial utilizing a travel agent can be, why not start thinking about your next trip?

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